I have just installed the Amazonfeed Plugin by Warkensoft Publications .

This is what the Author has to say

This plugin will allow you to turn your WordPress website or blog into a money making machine while at the same time offering valuable additional related materials to your visitors. It will automatically search for and display products from Amazon.com which are specifically related to the topics you write about. Once you install the plugin, you simply have to decide if you want to show products related to your Categories or Tags and the plugin can do the rest. All you have to do is continue writing about your favorite subjects and the plugin will offer related products to your visitors.

The Amazon links are automatically generated at the bottom of the posts by the Amazon Feed plugin.

A really neat way of generating some revenue with very little effort.

I have asked the author if it is possible to have a choice of what Amazon country to use rather the default Amazon.Com. 

I have hacked his code so for this site it picks up Amazon.co.uk time will tell if this works.

The author as added the ability to select locale and also that links can be opened in new window.

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