A nice way to review the colour options for your WordPress Theme is to give the user the ability to review what CSS layouts are available.

The Chameleon CSS Switcher WordPress Plugin by the Wegrass team allows you to give your site this ability.

The Chameleon CSS plugin has the following options

  1. Time condition : sunrise, day, sunset and night
  2. Day condition : Sunday, Monday …
  3. Month condition : January, February …
  4. Date condition : any date
  5. Date-Time source : server or client
  6. CSS switch list (Widget and Template Tag)
  7. Friendly UI
  8. Compatible with WP Super Cache

I have installed this plugin so you can try it out the various colour options that are available with the Stallion Seo Theme.The plugin can be seen in operation here which is a site I have set up so I can experiment with the child theme capabilities of the Stallion Theme