Some time ago I posted an article  about the Digitall Quill multifeed plugin.At the time I was a bit of a supporter of this plugin and the author.

It would seem that this support was somewhat misplaced.A number of people commented that the plugin did not work and the support was dismal at best.

Well after the last update the plugin fails to work correctly though it could be that I am doing something wrong ,hard to say because of the lack of response to the ticketing system that the author has in place.

I have been raising the issue since the 13th August 2011 and have received no response.

What I did notice at one point that a message on the plugin dash-board stated that due to the level of ‘Spam’ that there would be a delay in responding to ‘Tickets’.Well a month or more has gone by and still no resolution to my issue.

Given that the plugin does not work i have asked for a refund,not really expecting it given the lack of response to date.

I am now in the process of testing another CSV importer out and will be consigning the ‘Digitall Quill multifeed plugin’ to the BIN :thudown:


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