This is your first requirement so where do you start.When you use google to search for the title of this post you get some 1,000,000+ references.Not very helpful when you are trying to sort yourself out for the first time.

Remember this site is being done on the cheap so the only concerns are the price and reliability.I have been using SimplyBehosted for a number of years with no issue and at the date of this post you can get 12 months of web hosting PLUS a 2 year registered Domain Name for £30.

Ensure that what ever host you use that they provide MySql as this is a requirement for  using WordPress

Your Domain Name is unique to you ,the equivalant of your home address try to pick something relevant to your site,personally I don’t get to hung up about this as the site is used mainly by friends and family.Just email them the link and get them to add it to their favorites.

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