Q and A Focus Plus FAQ WordPress plugin

Q and A Focus Plus FAQ WordPress plugin created by Lanexatek™ Creations makes it easy to create an even better full-featured, fully searchable FAQ on your WordPress site

The Q and A Focus Plus FAQ WordPress plugin allows you to create, categorize, and reorder an unlimited number of FAQs and insert them into a page with simple shortcodes. Q & A Focus Plus uses the native Custom Post Type functionality in WordPress 3.0 and above with added support for comments and post tags.

The source code is clean and optimized and the JavaScript and CSS files have been minimized for better performance.

Questions can be shown/hidden with a simple jQuery animation; users without JavaScript enabled will click through to the single question page. There is an option to have questions jump into “focus” at the top of the page when clicked on, much like anchor links.

A ratings system is included so you can allow anonymous visitors to rate your FAQs, or restrict the ratings to logged in users only.

Q & A Focus Plus supports post tags. You can add tags to each question in the editor. The tags will function like the tags used on standard posts and even show up in your tag cloud.

Key Features of the Q and A Focus Plus FAQ WordPress plugin

Optimized source code, minified JavaScript, and CSS.

A Recent FAQs widget.

Support for comments.

Add post tags to your FAQs.

Question title focus/anchor link behaviour.

Ratings system.

Change category header size and question title CSS.

Sort the FAQ by menu order, or by ratings.

Change the category sort order.

Show category descriptions.

Option to display a collapse/expand symbol

You can see the Q and A Focus Plus FAQ WordPress plugin in action on this page or visit the authors FAQ page.