HeatMap Adaptive WordPress Theme

Its time to get some of my WordPress sites set up to be more responsive to the ‘Mobile World’ .
So I have spent the last couple of days investigating responsive themes.

Firstly what is a responsive theme ??

A responsive theme should enable your site to work on the plethora of new devices and screen resolutions that are accessing the web.With the number of people using their mobile technology to access the  web it is essential that your web site can deal with the various devices that interface with your site.

I found it useful to sit back and consider what devices actually might actually be used to visit one of my sites,I was a bit surprised ,the obvious iPad and tablets,Televisions,game consoles Kindles and the like.Mobile and Smartphones which have seen massive growth over the last few years.

So I need to pick a theme that will cater for all the different devices and display the site correctly regardless of the technology used to browse the site.

So first stop as been a visit HeatMapTheme to have a look at their new Responsive Adsense Theme  ( it works with other ad networks too). Its called HeatMap AdAptive a responsive theme for WordPress.

Heatmap Adaptive Adsense WordPress Theme


To quote the themes author

Yup, this looks good on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone and its directly inspired by Google Adsense ad placement recommendations. It also makes for a great ultra minimal multipurpose theme too.

So I am giving the theme a test drive here lets see how things pan out.

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