Up until now the only costs I have incurred for this site have been for the hosting and the Shifter Theme.This is due mainly to the amount of free plugins and support that the WordPress community offer.

I was looking for a way to import csv files into WordPress and could not find anything without spending some cash so going against my usual philosophy I purchased Import CSV pro for $99 dollars (about £50).

Now I am sure that some one some where will have made this sort of script for free but I could not find anything like this without paying .

So what does it do.Basically it takes a comma delimited file and imports this as posts into WordPress.It works pretty well though the documentation is a bit ropey and I had to experiment a bit to get it to work properly.

You can timestamp posts so they are published on a future date and make use of custom fields .Basically you can create thousands of posts and drip feed them onto your site so you have a constant stream of content.


The obvious use for this would be to take a affiliate merchant feed and load your site with a constant stream of products.

Be warned though all this does is create posts which are copies of the merchants sites so you still have to do some work on each post to create some uniqueness.

I am not sure how much use I will get form Import CSV Pro and I may regret spending the money time will tell.I am going to load one of my sites today using Import CSV Pro and if there is any interest I will give more detail on how I get on.