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Further to this recent post about my attempts to generate Adsense revenue the main content for www.ilostit.co.uk is a Data Feed from PaidonResults .

On the surface this seems an easy way to generate content for your site but all is not as straight forward as one would hope.

The biggest problem I found was what I consider to be ‘Malformed Datafeeds’ that is to say the use of punctuation within the data feed files.

For example if a comma exists within the data feed this invariably breaks the posts created from the upload.

Even when using  the WordPress CSV and Datafeed Import Plugin ,which is in my opinion the best in data feed manager , with its templating method I have still not found a way to clean up the data feed using the plugin alone.

The solution I came up with was to clean up the data feed locally prior to using the WordPress CSV and Datafeed Import Plugin to create the posts.

So using MS Access I wrote a couple of scripts and queries that basically format the feed so it will play nicely when imported.

It would be much better if affiliate data feeds were supplied well formatted but at least using the MS Access method I only have to do this once for each feed the process then is pretty automatic.

So using Ms Access and the WordPress CSV and Datafeed Import Plugin it is possible to auto populate a site (almost) .

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