MyWordPress Mobilised.

Some time ago I tested out the mobile version of WordPress on my Blackberry and now after many years I have changed my phone to a Samsung running Android.

I have downloaded the latest version of WordPress for Android and am giving it a spin.The obvious limitation is the size of the keypad on the Samsung Ace but with practice that should become less of an issue.

Once installed you are able to add multiple blogs/sites.

The biggest problem I have had so far is entering the site passwords as these are made up of alphanumeric and special symbols the Samsung keyboard made it quite difficult and it took 4 attempts to get them entered correctly.

Accessing the menu options is straight forward you either select the arrow next to the WordPress logo or swipe from the left hand side of the screen multiple blogs can be are accessed from the top of the Menu Draw.

So far so good so now its up and running I just need to write a post using the Android version of WordPress