Popup with Fancybox a WordPress Plugin

The Popup with Fancybox WordPress Plugin allows you to create lightweight JQuery fancy box popup windows in your blog with custom content.

This popup can display any content such as Video, Image and Advertisements.

The popups can be displayed on a site wide basis or on individual posts or pages by using either a widget or shortcode.

The configuration of the popup content ,popup sizes and timeouts (i.e. show popup window based on timeout after page load) is achieved through a standard WordPress HTML editor in admin interface.

A session control option is available so that the popup never appears again if the user navigates to another page. Inserting popups into your site using shortcodes uses the following format

popupwfancybox group=”GROUP1″ use whatever group you have assigned your popup to.

popupwfancybox id=”1″ id of a single popup.

The two shortcodes need to be enclosed in [] excluded here to prevent activation.

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