Post title marquee scroll

The Post Title Scrolling at the bottom of this site is created using the Post Title Marquee Scroller WordPress plug-in.

This plugin gives you a number of options

  • Easy to customize
  • Easy styles override option
  • Configurable scroll amount
  • Option to update scroll delay
  • Option to update the scroll direction
  • Option to pause the scroller on mouse over
  • Option to choose category
  • Option to select order
  • Option to enter number of post to scroll

I have implemented the Post title marquee scroll by inserting the php call into the Wp-Social Themes footer though a Widget and Shortcode is available.

For example :-

Drag and drop the widget: Go to widget page under Appearance tab, Drag and drop Post title marquee scroll widget into your side bar.

Short code for posts and pages: Copy and paste the given short code into pages or posts.

Short code till version 6.0 : [*POST-MARQUEE]

Short code from version 7.0 onwards : [*post-marguee]

***Note remove the “*”

Add directly in the theme: Use this code <?php if (function_exists (ptmsshow)) ptmsshow(); ?> to add this plug-in in to your theme files

From the plugin Admin area you can adjust the following

Scroll direction: direction of the scroll (left/right).

Scroll style: Css style for the scroller.

Splitter: Give the splitter between two post title in the scroll.

Number of post: No of items to display.

Post categories: Give the category id you wish to select the post. Multiple categories can be separated by comma.

Post orderbys: Field to sort.

Post order: Sorting order.

Unlike the Vertical Scroller which takes user defined input the Post Title Marquee Scroller scrolls the posts title from selected categories.

This is another easy to use plugin from

The Post title marquee scroll as been downloaded 50718 and is rated 4

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