Schedule Unsticky or Unpublish WordPress Posts

Dishsoap ,unusual name for a WordPress plugin, is designed to allow you to set a time and date on each post when either

1.The post gets Un-published


2.The post is Un-stickied.

When writing a post you are given the option to set the date and time and whether to to unpublish or unsticky the post.

So to test this plugin I have set this article to unsticky on the 01 May 2013 @ 0800hrs gmt.

Also ,being an impatient WordPress user,I have set the following post WP-Pineapple to unsticky tomorrow 06-04-2013 @ 0800hrs gmt.

I will be trying out the Un-Publish option once I am convinced te Un-Sticky option works.

This could be a good way to keep the front page of your blog neat and tidy.