Simple Lightbox WordPress Plugin

Simple Lightbox allows you to display images in WordPress overlayed on to your sites page .

Firstly ‘Lightbox’ is a method of showing an image on a Web page without leaving the page.It basically creates a pop-up of the image that is clicked.

I have been looking for an easy ‘Plug and Play’ method for some time to achieve this and at last I have come across this plugin .

I installed the plugin activated ,no changing of settings,and it worked straight out of the box so to speak.

The Simple Lightbox plugin comes with a range of features as listed here

Supports links in Widgets (New)

Supports Image Attachment links

Display image metadata (caption, description, etc.)

Automatically activate links (no manual coding required)

Keyboard Navigation

Link Validation (optional)

User-customizable skin (template) support

Enable Lightbox depending on Page Type (Home, Pages, Archive, etc.)

Group image links (play as a slideshow)

Group image links by Post (e.g. separate slideshow for each post on home page)

Group gallery links separately from the rest of the links in a post

UI/Animation Customization

Slideshow Customization

Backwards-compatibility with legacy lightbox links

Well with all things on MyWordPress a demo is in order so here we go

Question Everything

Question Everything

Go ahead Click the image and all things being equal a lightbox should pop-up,neat!!

The plugin displays the images in the lightbox sized to the original upload size hence the display of this image is larger than this thumbnail.

It would be worth popping over to the authors site to get more details of this WordPress Plugin but trust me for simple lightbox functionality this is easy.


The Simple Lightbox as been downloaded 1333814 and is  rated 4.5 out of 5.

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