Speeding up My WordPress Site

Speeding up My WordPress site is long over due. Given the ever increasing focus on mobile compatibility and speed its time to rework My WordPress site.

Currently there are some 70 odd plugins active, and a number of themes installed which must be having a negative impact on the sites performance.

At the moment Google’s Page Insights is returning a score of 60/100 for mobile which is pretty dismal

So here’s the plan.

Disable and delete all plugins with the exclusion of plugins supporting security and caching.
Delete all themes excluding the currently active one.

Given that a large number of articles demonstrate plugins some of the post’s are likely to be off key. The intention is to provide links to author sites were the plugins are still supported.

I’ve already installed a new responsive theme and disabled numerous plugins.

Hopefully by the end of today I will have succeeded in improving the overall speed and performance of this site.