Way back in December 2007 I posted SEO is it a Con purely and simply because I had no understanding about SEO,I had just started this site and when investigating SEO it just seemed a big con.

Well the better part of 12 months later have my views changed .Not really ,this site is for fun and hopefully helps one or two people along the way,but I can understand now why SEO is important to the business community.Its pretty simple really get noticed and people will generally buy from you,get trusted and they almost certainly will. 

I suppose the real difficulty is the amount of sites that promise to get your site rated number one and all that sort of blurb I mean who can you trust.

And then you have to consider the Search Engines themselves ,what are the rules to get rated is it just good content etc.it seems to me they could change their rating criteria just to ensure that their profits are not harmed.

SEO confuses me so I generally ignore it and if someone finds this site from Google and then uses one of the affiliate links to buy something I am happy,actually very happy because it does not happen that often.

If you are interested in the SEO mystery this site should help you unravel it and just maybe it will make more sense to you then it does to me.