I have installed the WordPress Theme Demo Bar by Zenverse on my Stallion Theme Test Site.
The WordPress Theme Demo Bar allows any wordpress theme to be previewed without activating it.The  demo bar is shown on top the page, allow users to preview another theme.

I have set the widget up in the sidebar so it easy to swith between the different themes.

The plugin also caters for child themes which is great as I start my experiments with the Stallion child theme capabilities.

There is a whole raft of features as listed

  • Preview any wordpress theme without activating it.
  • A demo bar will be shown on top of the page, allow users to preview another theme.
  • The demo bar can be deactivated.
  • You can hide your themes that are private.
  • You can load extra CSS files (more than one)
  • Demo Bar can be always on top now
  • You can cusmotise the look & feel of Demo Bar using CSS
  • Auto collection of popularity count (number of previews) of each theme.
  • Persistent preview, all internal links will be auto edited to keep the ?themedemo= variable.
  • Persistent preview can be turned off by the visitors by closing the demo bar (all links will then be reverted back automatically)
  • NEW Support child themes
  • NEW With “Individual Theme Settings”, you can now display a link to theme info page and download/buy page at demo bar
  • NEW You can now display theme info, such as number of previews or preview URL using shortcode [demobar]
  • NEW To make the process easier, you can use media button to add it (see screenshot : Media Button)
  • NEW You can do that in template files too, using the newly added template tag function wptdb_output()
  • NEW Now you can edit other theme’s options (functions.php) without activating it
  • NEW Widget available to show “Select Theme” drop-down menu (for your visitor to preview non-private themes)
  • NEW New template tag function wptdb_list_themes() to display drop-down menu

The only concern that I have is that the WordPress Theme Demo Bar as not been updated for some time so I’m hoping that I dont hit any problems

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