WP All Import first impressions Part 1

I have now installed and converted one of my sites over to WP All Import and removed the DigitalQuill plugin.I managed to upload a number of files ranging from 200 to 800 records(posts) with no problems.

So I thought I would give you a brief overview of my first impressions.

Firstly the download and install went smoothly with no problems encountered.The plugin installs some menu options in the admin sidebar.

Wp All Import Menu


Now not being one to read the instructions I dived straight into the ‘New Import’ option which presents you with the folowing screen


Now all the options here are pretty straight forward apart from the option to Import Large File the help tip states ‘Select this option to enable large file support’ Ok thats seems pretty easy selecting this option gives you this option

Wp All Import Menu

Now this is were my first negative thought appeared  for a new comer its quite likely that xPath will mean next to nothing also what defines a  ‘Large File’ .

I nipped over to the support site and help documentation and to be greeted with a somewhat sparse amount of help articles a grand total of 2.

So the Documentation and Tutorial section of their website leaves a lot to be desired and means I will end up having to email support everytime I get a problem/question.

So to summarise my first impressions overall the plugin worked and was pretty easy to get to grips with the main gripe I have is the lack of documentation but time will tell if this becomes an issue.

I will continue to update the WP All Import series of articles as I get more conversant with the operations of this import plugin.