WP-Pineapple the fruity comment captcha plugin for WordPress.

Now from the plugin title alone there is not much of a clue what this plugin is about, I just had to investigate.

So in the words of the plugin author

Hate spam comments on your blog?

Find a traditional captcha challenge annoying and cumbersome?

If you are nodding your head and screaming “YES” then this fruity WordPress plugin is for you!

Normal captcha’s are a pain to fill in, and sometimes are so unclear they are impossible to pass leaving your visitors stumped.

WP Pineapple adds a simple “one click” solution, prompting the user to click a fruit, and we all know spam-bots hate fruit!

Easy to install and easy for your visitors to use. A perfect plugin for combating spam.

So I have installed WP Pineapple on mywordpress to test out the benefits of this fruity captcha solution let’s wait and see if it really is one of my five a day.

Here’s the link to the download
This [plugin name] as been downloaded [plugin downloaded] times and was last updated on [plugin updated].
Have you tried it what do you think??

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