Offsite Backups

What We Will Do...

Regular Backups

We will automatically backup your website every day, week or month. This gives you the assurance that your site can be restored quickly in case of an emergency.

Backups Stored Off-Site

We store your site backups on our own, safe and secure servers. This means that if your host has a failure, we can restore your site quickly and safely.

Restore at any time

We store your backups for 90 days, so you can request your site be restored from any day in the last 3 months. We can setup copies of your site elsewhere from the backups.

Why do I need this?

Servers can be temperamental. Depending on your host, your site could drop at any time.  Or you could be working on a change to your site and make a mistake that brings the entire site down. 

Knowing that we have 90 days worth of backups give you peace of mind that your site can be restored at any time.

But my host already offers backups...

Awesome!  Most hosts do offer some from of backup. However some only backup your site once a month, or once a week. And they usually will store the backups on the same server – if the server suffers a catastrophic failure, you risk losing your site.

We store your website backup on our own secure server, giving you an added layer of security and safety: your site is backed up in 2 places! 

Ready To Get Started?

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