Uptime Monitoring

What We Will Do...

Monitor your server uptime

Servers can be temperamental. We will install a 24/7 uptime monitor to make sure your site is stable, and we'll get told instantly if your site goes down.

Inform you if your site goes down

When your site goes down, we get told immediately. We'll inform you if the downtime is over 2 minutes, or happens regularly every day (a sign of a bad server).

Get your site back up and running

If your site goes down for more than 15 minutes, we'll review why and help get your site back up and running again by fixing whatever caused it (if code related), or suggest a more stable host.

Does my server really need to monitored?

Sadly, a large number of web hosts out there are cheap.  And cheap usually means unreliable. Particularly hosts such as GoDaddy, who share your site on the same server as many others. If someone else breaks the server, your site will go down too. Having your site monitored constantly will help us find patterns in downtime which would point to a poor server setup. If your site goes down irregularly, but for a long period of time, our monitoring allows us to get your site back up and running quickly, reducing your business downtime.

Ready To Get Started?

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