3 Reasons Every Blogger Needs to Use AtContent

For online publishers and bloggers, generating high quality content on a regular basis can be a struggle. Most publishers find that they don’t have the time or resources to create enough content, and wish that they had a bigger staff and an increased…

Wp All Import CSV Importer plugin for WordPress

Wp All Import CSV importer for WordPress Purchase Well I’ve finally got round to purchasing another datafeed importer so that I can import csv files (or xml) Now if this plugin operates as described and the support exists then I will be happy. WP All Import is a powerful WordPress affiliate store building plugin. WP All Import lets you create a ready-to-promote affiliate store, populated with thousands of products, in less than

WordPress Smilies Plugin

Having installed the Shortcodes into  Text Widget Plugin thought I would look at expanding the smilies usage on MyWordPress . Having tried out a couple of smilies plugins I have opted for the Custom Smilies plugin by Crazy Loong . This adds a popup  selector on the write post menu so you can pick a smiley to insert  also adds the smiley selector to the comments area. You can easily define what to type when

Simple Lightbox for WordPress

Simple Lightbox WordPress Plugin Simple Lightbox allows you to display images in WordPress overlayed on to your sites page . Firstly ‘Lightbox’ is a method of showing an image on a Web page without leaving the page.It basically creates a pop-up of the image that is clicked. I have been looking for an easy ‘Plug and Play’ method for some time to achieve this and at last I have come across

HeatMap Adaptive WordPress Theme

HeatMap Adaptive WordPress Theme Its time to get some of my WordPress sites set up to be more responsive to the ‘Mobile World’ . So I have spent the last couple of days investigating responsive themes. Firstly what is a responsive theme ?? A responsive theme should enable your site to work on the plethora of new devices and screen resolutions that are accessing the web.With the number of people using their mobile technology

Accordion Demo using Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate Accordion Demo An Accordion Menu or Spoiler Menu displays collapsible content panels for presenting information in a limited amount of space The recent version of Shortcodes Ultimate gives us the Accordion shortcode.Basically this means that when you have more than one spoiler on a post or page only 1 of them will stay open. To understand what this means have a look at the demo below. Stallion Theme

WordPress Daily Widget Display

Daily Widget Display   The Seven Days WordPress Plugin by the Wegrass Team gives you the option to set what days of the week a widget is displayed. A nice graphical interface which you just click to show or hide what days your widget will appear. So for testing purposes I have set up seven widgets with each one set to appear on a specific day of the week which you will

Styled List Demo using Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin

Styled List Demo using Shortcodes Ultimate A nice feature of the Shortcodes Ultimate WordPress Plugin is the styled list feature. Each list item in the unordered list can be given its own style as you can see here. This is easily acheived using the following shortcode [*list style="????"*] List item ???? [*/list*] Replacing ‘????’ with your desired style from this selection star|arrow|check|cross|thumbs|link|gear|time|note|plus|guard|event|idea|settings|twitter Note I have inserted “*” to prevent the

Shortcodes Ultimate WordPress Plugin

The Shortcodes Ultimate WordPress Plugin adds the functionality to easily manage shortcodes. Current shortcodes available are Heading Frame Tabs (See Demo) Spoiler (See Demo) Divider (See Demo) Spacer Quote Pullquote This is the Highlight text demo Permalink Bloginfo Button Fancy link Service Box (See Demo) Note Menu Subpages Siblings List (See Demo) Column Table Media Nivo slider Photoshop Shortcodes Ultimate follows the usual install process and once installed just nip to the settings

Vertical Scroller for WordPress

The Vertical Scroller for WordPress  or  gives you an easy way to put vertical scrolling content into your widgetized theme. The WordPress vertical scroller scrolls each entry one at time within the widget. Its easy to install and setup ,you can set a expiration date for each entry and customise the display. You can use this Vertical Scroller for WordPress Plugin to display plain text or links so you can display just

WordPress Initial Setup

Now this as got to be the easiest bit of all.Browse to your WordPress install.php file and follow the on screen instructions.Blink how easy was that.I was gob smacked at how easy this was compared to some of the other offerrings out there. Ok I was lucky my hosting company has an install script but to be honest the majority of hosting companies support WordPress so if you cannot see

My WordPress Google Page Rank

Since starting this site as a means to save some money when I purchase online I have become hooked on page rank. Now I have no great desire to become a mega earner its just a game and to be number one means that you have won. Doing some research around page rank there are differing trains of thought from its the best thing since sliced bread to what a

The Mystery of SEO

Way back in December 2007 I posted SEO is it a Con purely and simply because I had no understanding about SEO,I had just started this site and when investigating SEO it just seemed a big con. Well the better part of 12 months later have my views changed .Not really ,this site is for fun and hopefully helps one or two people along the way,but I can understand now why SEO