Deadlink Monitoring

What We Will Do...

Check for Deadlinks

Deadlinks can affect your SEO and frustarte your users. We'll regularly scan your website for links that are dead, so you don't have to worry.

Fix broken Links

If any links on your site get flagged up as broken, we'll review them and suggest a fix. If you're happy with the fix, we'll go ahead and do it for you.

Scan up to 10,000 links

Our powerful scanning software will regularly scan up to 10,000 links per website, so you can rest assured even large sites are covered.

Why do I need this?

Internal and external links break all the time. Maybe the site you linked to is no longer available. Or a page on your own site has moved or removed and you didn’t realise you linked to it in an old blog post. Whatever the reason, dead links will annoy your users. And Google doesn’t like them either. By having us regularly scan your site for dead links, you’ll get assurance that your links are active, working and helpful to your users.

Why should I care about old links?

If you have been running your site for a few years, your older blog posts may be building up some decent Google rankings, but the sites or pages you link to in a post 2-3 years ago may not longer be live. Users will get frustrated clicking on broken links and Google bots will lose trust in your page if they hit 404’s. Our dead link monitoring will stop that from happening.

Ready To Get Started?

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