WordPress Updates

What We Will Do...

Plugin + Theme Updates

We will safely and properly update your plugins and theme each month, to make sure your site is safe, secure and benefiting from the latest features.

WordPress Updates

We will safely and properly update your WordPress to the latest version each month, to make sure you have the latest, and safest version of WordPress installed.

Update Bug Fixes

It is quite common for small layout issues or problems to arise after the updates. We'll fix any bugs that appear after the updates so your site is looking as good as new.

Why do I need this?

WordPress, plugins and themes update their code all the time.  This could be to patch a serious security issue, or it could be to add new features.  They also update their code to make sure it runs on the latest versions of PHP, and to ensure that they offer their users the best code possible.

These updates are essential for the health of your site.  If you don’t update regularly, your site will be open to hackers, who install malware on your server and redirect your site to malicious sites. This affects your brand, your customers and your Google rankings.

Can't I just do this myself?

Of course you can. WordPress gives you the ability to update your own plugins, theme and WordPress Core.  However, quite often these updates will cause problems with your site layout, as code is updated. It also can be time consuming and annoying to have to remember to update each month. 

We’ve found many of our customers get peace of mind knowing that this essential update work is being done safely and securely each month by our team of experts; so they can concentrate on running their business.

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