WordPress Maintenance

Let us worry about keeping your WordPress website up-to date, safe and secure – so you can concentrate on your business.

A full range of WordPress maintenance services.

Core, Theme + Plugins Update

We will update your WordPress Core, Theme and plugins for you. We’ll then check to make sure the updates haven’t broken anything.

Ongoing Support

Got a question? Need some advice? We will happily answer any and all questions for you at any time. We’re ready to help 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Offsite Backups

We will backup your website every month/week/day, stored offsite on our secure servers. We can restore your website from a backup at any time.

Spam Comment Removal

We will regularly check your site for spam comments and remove them so you don’t have to read them.

Database Cleanup

We’ll regularly check and clear any  post revisions and other temporary data that clog up your WordPress database.

Daily Security Scans

 We will scan your website every day to check for Malware, and if we find some, we’ll do a full site clean.

Uptime Monitoring

We’ll monitor your website 24/7 to make sure that it doesn’t go down. If it drops for any reason, we’ll get it back up and running.

Deadlink Monitoring

We’ll scan your website daily for dead links, and let you know of any internal or external links that need updating. We can even help to fix them for you.

Performance Checks

We’ll let you know if your website is underperforming on Google speed insights, and make suggestions on how to improve. If needed, we can implement changes.

SEO Ranking

Get a monthly report on how your site is ranking in Google, as well as suggestions on how to improve your rankings. We can help implement the changes.

Monthly PDF Report

We provide a full, detailed PDF report each month of all the work done on your site, so you are completely clear on how your site is performing each month.

World-Class Development

Our developers are in the top 3% of WordPress developers wordwide. We’ll provide discounted rate development on any ad-hoc development you need.

Why do I need WordPress Maintenance?

WordPress websites are high maintenance. Plugins, themes and WordPress itself require regular updates, as security flaws are patched up and new additions are added.

These updates can be daunting. Push the wrong button, or update something that isn’t setup for your specific server, and your entire website can crash! But if you ignore the updates, your website can be opened up to hackers.

By getting us to do your WordPress Maintenance, you get:

Peace of Mind

By getting us to help with your WordPress maintenance, you get peace of mind that your website is safe and secure.

Continuous Support

You will have world-class developers on hand to help with any and all questions. We also can help with implementing our suggestions.

Security + Stability

We monitor your website 24/7 for any downtime, we scan your site for malware, and we backup your site on our own secure servers.

Clients We Have Worked With

Why Choose Us for WordPress Maintenance?

We have over 10 years experience working with WordPress.  Our developers are some of the best in the world.

Our developers have worked for huge brands including Microsoft, ticketmaster and Lenovo. They’ve worked with WordPress for many years and know it inside out. We can provide the highest level of WordPress Maintenance at an affordable cost.

Ready To Get Started?

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The importance of WordPress Maintenance

WordPress websites require ongoing maintenance. Plugin creators regularly fix security flaws in their code, WordPress updates add new features, and themes update their code to work with new versions. If you ignore the updates, your WordPress site will be open to hackers!

By using our service, you can concentrate on your business, knowing your site is safe and secure.

WordPress Class Developers

Our developers are some of the best in the world.

That’s a big statement. But it’s true. Our developers are highly vetted and have a proven track record of working with some of the biggest names in the world – They know WordPress inside out.